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Mission List
Thursday, 22 April 2010 22:56

Act I


-S.S.D.D.: Demonstrate proper fire control for the local trainees.

-Team Player: Search and destroy enemy forces in Afghanistan.

-Cliffhanger: Locate and retrieve the ACS module from a crashed satellite.

-Takedown: Find and Capture arms-dealer Alejandro Rojas, hiding somewhere in the favela.

Act II

-Wolverines!: Locate and protect codename Raptor during the beginning of the invasion.

-The Hornet's Nest: Escape the favela.

-Exodus: Assist in the evacuation of civilians and key personnel in the suburbs.

-The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday: Board the oilrig, rescure the hostage, and clear the route to the gulag.

-The Gulag: Rescue Prisoner: #627.

-Of Their Own Accord: Protect the evacuation site at the Washington Monument.


-Contingency: Help Captain Price reach the Russian submarine.

-Second Sun: Get to Whiskey Hotel.

-Whiskey Hotel: Retake Whiskey Hotel.

-Loose Ends: Find and kill Makarov at his safe house on the Georgian-Russian border.

-The Enemy Of My Enemy: Escape from General Shepherd's trap in the boneyard.

-Just Like Old Times: Search the Afghan cave network for General Shepherd.

-Endgame: Kill General Shepherd.


Museum: Bonus Mission

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